Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh yes I did do it!

As you guys know, I have been delighted with my skin removal results - all except the belly button.  I've hemmed and hawed around it and it really has been more of an annoyance - just another thing about my imperfect body that I bitch about.  

But bikini season is approaching.  And yesterday I got a bug up my butt.  This is the result:

Yup, I got the sucker pierced!  He clamped it up and rammed a needle though and literally 10 minutes after I arrived at the place I had a new piercing!

So here's the deal.  Because I had no overhang, this is not considered a real navel piecing.  Instead it is what they call a "surface piercing".  I know nothing about piercings as the only thing I had pierced before yesterday was my ears.  Surface piercings don't have much to "hold on to" and are much more likely for the body to reject them and toss them out.  In fact, some statistics are as high as 70% rejection rate!!

So I am really happy with how this looks - it covers where the hole for the belly button would be so I think it makes the tummy look more normal.  Once it heals - (FINGERS CROSSED) I can put in more fancy dangly jewelery if I want.  I really really hope this takes!

The things I have going for me is that my belly button had basically turned into scar tissue and it is more likely to hold in a scar then in "regular" skin.  Also, apparently the more healthy you are the less likely rejection will occur.  And I fit that bill.   I won't know for sure that it has decided to take for about 6-8 weeks!

So do you guys like it?  And please send healing vibes for it to not reject!!!

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  1. COOL!!

    I would have guessed a hair cut or a new tattoo... never would have guessed that!