Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome March!!

March always seems to mark the unofficial start of spring.  However, here in Northern NY, Mother Nature did not get the memo!  The weather is miserable here - cold and snowy.  I'm getting really super sick and tired of running outside in ankle deep slush and freezing my ass off!

But here's the good news - it HAS to get better, right?  Here's the other piece of good news - it's the first of the month!  Although we shouldn't wait to start anything until the 1st of anything, so often times we do.  So today is a new start if you've had a bad week or month! 

Pretty soon it will be hot out, and you'll want to look great in shorts and tank tops and swimsuits!  You can make a huge dent in weight loss during the spring!  It is 13 weeks until June - what can you accomplish in the next 13 weeks?

For me, March is going to start off challenging.  I will be at a conference out of town for some of next week, and it includes working lunches and continental breakfasts where it will be hard to resist unhealthy temptations and getting a regular workout might prove challenging.  

But who has the power to choose my behavior?  ME.  The same as you!!  If you are waiting for a fairy with her magic wand, I'm afraid you are going to be sorely disappointed.  The only one who can make this journey is you!  You need to find the commitment inside and get to work.  

The other day on the weight loss site someone who had been trying to eat right and exercise for 2 whole weeks started a thread saying how hard this is.  Well, no shit, Sherlock.  If this were easy, EVERYONE would be fit and thin.  

Only you can decide to make the changes.  Only you can do the work.  Are you ready?

I'm ready to walk it with you!  Take my hand and let's go!

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