Monday, March 25, 2013


What sacrifices have you made along this journey?  If you can't think of anything then either you are extraordinarily lucky or you're missing something.  

I wish that this journey was all about simply cutting calories but it isn't.  There are tons of sacrifices that have to be made, and I'm not talking about giving up certain foods.  For me one of the things that has meant giving up certain hobbies as there simply is not enough time in the day to accomplish what I want to and still have time left over to engage in certain hobbies.

I think that there is also a sacrifice of your sense of self and where you fit in in the world.  What have you asked your family to sacrifice?  Especially for those people with children, I know that this has to be a struggle. 

But what it comes down to is how badly do you want it?  

I have been thinking about this the last few days since my revelation because I have sacrificed so much in the last 3 years and I am wondering if I can start putting some things back in my life that I have sacrificed.  

I have to say that 3 days into this revelation, I am feeling great.  I continue to feel strong and positive about where I am headed.  I realized yesterday while running that I was running because I wanted to run, not because I had a certain calorie number that I wanted to burn off.  It felt good.

And now the weather channel is PROMISING me that spring is within reach.  I can't wait - this summer is going to be fantastic, I know it! 


  1. Sacrifice yes but many gains...I always love the people that say..I am not giving ANYTHING up just cutting back...Well guess what you have to give up being your old self. I have been thinking alot about the whole revalation thing...did not mean to be such the naysayer..the last time I was at goal,I let myself believe I could have the treats WHICH I can but I just kept rewarding myself and allowing myself till I triggered binging off and on {not hugely but enough and diff mentally}
    like I said I don't have a govener I am a food addict and do better with a plan.
    But I digress I have been thinking I need to let go and enjoy also NOT wait until????My body fat is never going 20%{or whatever #} and just WHY would I ever want it to be. I like you said in one of your post awhile back...I am in the top % of 60 year old females and I know if I saw me on the street I would think I was pretty hot looking and looked 50,and would wish I was me!!So WTF do I want????Acceptance and enjoy being me.....and YES running for the love of running I AM IN!!!

  2. Yay Gayle! I think that we can do this without surrendering everything we have worked for!