Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hey, Jealousy

This title today refers now only to an awesome song by the Gin Blossoms, but also what I'm feeling!

I am a member of the website  It is where you can track your daily exercise and connect with other people who are into fitness.  So there is a WIDE variety of people on that site. That includes SERIOUS fitness freaks to people just starting out trying to get fit.

At any rate, I see people all the time asking if certain foods are "okay" to eat and what foods should be eaten after working out or asking advice on how many calories to eat and whether to use protein powder.  All good questions and all things that are useful and important to know.  

At any rate, inevitably I see a couple responses from young muscle bound guys who then list what they eat in a day.  HOLY CRAP!!  They can put some food away, seriously!!  And that makes me incredibly JEALOUS.  

Now I'm not saying I don't have issues - in general or with food - because I do!  You have seen them on full display in this blog.  BUT there is no deep dark underworld sercret - the truth is that I really just enjoy food and like eating!  Food tastes good!

But if you are a 40 year old short woman like me, the numbers break down like this:  My RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) is 1,138.  That means that if I just laid around not moving all day, that's how many calories I would burn.  If I input that I am "very active", which I think I am, into a formula that calculates stuff like this, then my calories burned per day rises to 1,963.  Therefore, theoretically, if I continue to be "very active" and eat 1,963 daily, I will MAINTAIN my current weight.  This is not a complete exact science, but is pretty accurate.

Now let's look at the case of our muscle bound 25 year old.  Let's say that he is 25 years old, 5'11" and weighs 175 pounds.  His RMR is 1,801.  That means that he burns ALMOST as much as me being "active" just by being alive!!!   And if he is classified as "active" he gets to eat 3,107 calories a day to maintain his weight.

Now I know that dems da breaks, as they say.  BUT I think of how much MORE I could eat if I was to get 3100 calories a day.  I wouldn't want to eat crap - rarely do I crave things like that any more.  But the trail mix and extra bananas and bagel (oh how I miss BAGELS) and more rice that I could have at a meal.....  

Picture me now lying down on my stomach kicking my feet - it's just not fair!!!!!!!  So, yes, today I remain JEALOUS!!!!!!

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  1. Jen of life suck...Yummy food or lookin hot and feeling to weigh it out...Taste only lasts a couple seconds!
    As for the resting and active thing..even tough I am 5'5" because of my age our calorie intake is exactly the same?!!
    I have been tracking my food since 1st of the year on myfitnesspal
    And I have to say I eat a ton of stuff,I am eating 1500 right now while finishing my weight loss and trying to up calories a 100 cals every couple weeks.
    All that to say it has open diets of other people SO its all out there. Lots of people don't get to eat much cause of what they pick,as we know LiFE is about choices! TODAY I choose feeling great having all my clothes fit (or to big) And being my husbands trophy wife ( together 38 yrs)
    A little long winded today think about this a lot too..just I KNOW I will never be able to eat like everyone else!