Monday, April 1, 2013

No Fools here!

Welcome to April everyone!!  I'm feeling really good, despite Mother Nature being a total bitch and refusing to let go of winter.  We're expecting CRAPTACULAR weather for the first part of this week, but the week is supposed to end with some nice weather, so that's good news!

As planned I totally over-did it for Easter, but will be back on track 100% today.  I have been at a stable weight under my redline for most of last week and expect that yesterday's indugances won't effect that after a couple of days as long as I get right back to plan.  

Anyway, I've been really frustrated at some of the stuff I'm been reading on the weight loss forums lately, and that's what I'd like to talk about today.  I keep seeing people complaining about people in their lives tempting them or sabotaging them by exposing them to food that they have declared off limits for their lifestyle change.  And example is a woman whose husband keeps ordering pizza and she is "powerless" to resist the temptation and ends up eating the food with him.

Now first of all, let me say this.  I think that in a marriage - a partnership - that partners need to support one another and if they don't I think the entire state of that relationship needs to be re-evaluated.  Let me tell you something, and I mean this - if Marc continuously brought home donuts, pizza, chocolate, etc. to our house he and I would be having a serious talk.  AND, if that behavior continued, that would be IT - either he or I would be out the door.  If a husband does not support his wife, he's a pretty shitty man, and that marriage is not what it should be.

That being said, where does personal accountability come in?  Another woman has been complaining about co-workers bringing in unhealthy food and trying to get her to eat it.  Well, that's reality folks.  Do you think that just because you have made a lifestyle change that everyone around you is going to bow down and change their lives?  Fat chance (no pun intended!).  Stop playing the victim!

You are responsible for what goes in your mouth.  You make the choice to say yes or no.  You make the choice of whether you will exercise today - no one else!  It is not the responsibility of someone to put on your shoes for you and carry you to the gym

I had all kinds of exposure to temptations when I was actively losing and I was the one who had to say yes or no!  Even though I have to say that I've been pretty lucky with having people support me, I clearly remember coming in from a run last fall and security tried to hand me a GIANORMOUS piece of cake saying that I had "earned" it with my run and that it was okay.  They were quite put off - and quite persistent - when I wouldn't take it.  But I can't blame them for offering - it was up to me to say no thanks - firmly but nicely.  Is it easy - hell to the no.  But if this were easy we wouldn't have an obesity problem in this country!

So here we are on Monday, April 1st.  Who cares what happened yesterday or last month?  Today starts us anew.  If you want it, YOU will do it!!!  Let's get going!  TODAY.  NO EXCUSES.  NO BLAMING OTHERS.  


  1. Interesting that you post both perspectives, and the comments about marriage. Yesterday I was telling my sister that I give up soft drinks for Lent. Now, we're not religious, but my DH gives up alcohol, so in effect I do too. I think it's mean to drink when he's trying not to. Her response was "ha! If it was me, I'd be drinking wine and saying HAHA, better me than you." My only thought was, "this is why I have been married 26 years, and you ... haven't."

    Great post!

  2. Wow! This post was EXACTLY what I needed to read today! Thanks!