Saturday, March 9, 2013

A mixed bag...

Hi everyone!

I just returned from a training out of town.  The training was actually really good.  It was on my expertise of substance abuse, but I learned some new things and I continue to be amazed at what research shows and how a drug addict's journey can be SO much like the weight loss journey.  I'll be talking more about that later.

So this conference was held at a fancy hotel.  Let's talk about the bad first and get that out of the way.  The food they served during the conference was actually pretty healthy.  But there was a LOT of it, and I ate and ate and ate and ate.  It was absolutely pathetic.  I just am not able to regulate myself when there is a huge table full of delicious - and free - food.

However, I was pretty successful when it comes to exercising.  I left Wednesday afternoon and made sure I ran before I left.  Then, both Thursday and Friday I got up early and used the really nice fitness room they have.  As I was running on the elliptical yesterday morning at 6:45 AM I asked myself - "Who is this person??"  Who gets up at the crack of dawn when you could sleep in?  I guess that is me, as hard as it is to believe!

So it was a mixed bag this trip.  I weighed myself this morning and of course, I am up a couple of pounds.  We'll see what the real damage is in a few days.  But I know what I have to do to get back down and I will start that!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. although I may have my food addictions under control (for the most part), I will still always have them.