Tuesday, June 9, 2015

With friends like that…

I've told you guys how emotionally touched I get when someone who reads this blog takes the time to reach out and supports me when I've been struggling.  That was something I never ever expected when I started blogging - that anyone would remotely give a shit about my ups and downs.

By the same token, now that I see the world though different eyes, it is shocking to me how cruel and thoughtless people can be who know me and claim to care about me.

Today I got to work and as I pulled into the parking lot I see my friend, the avid runner, power walking across the street.  He veered off heading over to me and pulled out his Fitbit to tell me how many steps he had in already.  "You been running?" he asked.  Here I am limping along and I tell him he knows how badly I pulled or ripped the Achilles and "I can barely walk, let alone run!"

He then shares with me that every day that I'm not running I'm losing fitness and when I DO run, I'll have basically lost everything I have gained and will be - for all intents and purposes - starting from scratch.

Talk about preying on my worst and most intense fears!  He then skipped off while I felt like dropping my bag, sitting down in front of the Dollar Store and bawling.

I'm trying to keep my head up - I walked at lunch and once I got warmed up the Achilles was nothing but an annoying ache and I barely was limping.  And I've been pricing road bikes, but holy hell they are expensive!!!  Way out of my price range for a quality bike.

I swear that some people get a bizarre and probably subconscious thrill from bringing others down.  I try to not let it effect me, but it does.

I know someone who is able to just let things roll off her back.  Last week, in fact, she got reamed out by someone for something that wasn't even her fault.  She was pissed, but clearly saw it as this other person's issue and didn't take it personally.  Me?  I would have been a sobbing mess.  I told her I needed lessons on how to be that strong!

What about you guys?  Are you sensitive like me or what?



  1. Wow, just wow. True atheletes know you don’t further aggravate an injury. They take time off. The last think you want is to never be able to run or even walk by futher damaging yourself. You’re not going to start at the beginning either. Look at football players, they take time off when injured, even if they’re sorely needed. Even Peyton Manning took time off for his injury and he’s better than ever. I’m not saying you’re going to set any new records when you get back to it, but you certainly won’t be starting at square one, especially since you’re biking.
    Don’t listen to that idiot, and don’t let him push you into something you’re not ready for. Some people have to just be that way.

  2. I wouldve kicked him in the balls!

    1. Lol!!! You have to know this guy - he truly would be shocked to know that his words hurt me!!