Monday, June 8, 2015

Giving up…

There is obviously a part of me that doesn’t want to – even can’t give up.  Because I continue to attempt to keep up with my fitness and make good food choices.  I just am failing miserably…

I have always been opposed to any of these “fad diets”.  And I’m not about to get into one now.

But I did happen across an article today by someone who was talking about how weight loss should be tackled taking into account life stages.

And it said for menopausal women, we need to limit our intake of carbs, but increase our fat intake.

I try to eat healthy fats, like fish and nuts.  And I take a fish oil capsule a day.  But I do have a relatively low fat diet. 

I wonder how much of my extreme trouble getting back on track could at least be somewhat hormonally driven.

5 years ago is when I started this whole journey – which is not very long.  BUT since I was 38 then and am 43 now?  That’s a somewhat pivotal point in the life of most women.

It’s a interesting thought.  Or maybe I am just looking for excuses to why I am eating myself back into obesity…

For anyone who is interested, the article is here:

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  1. Thank you for posting this. At 44, shit is just not as easy. I've been contemplating cutting WAY down on sugar for a while...maybe this'll be the kick I need to DO IT.