Sunday, May 17, 2015

Work and play...

This has been a weekend of play and then work.  On Saturday we were invited to a crawfish feast.  For you southerners - apparently this is a common occurrence.  Me?  I'd never eaten a crawfish.

After a great week I - predictably - had a spectacular fail.  I simply cannot control myself at events like this when it comes to food.

I had a good time, though... I sometimes feel less social then when I was fat, because I've forced myself into rigid ways of thinking and behavior to try and maintain my weight loss.  

Today I awoke and felt guilty because of eating so much and my first frantic thought was that I would need to exercise obsessively today in order to undo some of the damage.

My second thought was how much was on my "to do" list.  

Turns out I can be rational at times.  We made a trip into Lowe's and after lunch I began tackling the garden space which looked like a fenced in weed sanctuary!

I know it doesn't look like much - but this was a major accomplishment.  

And Marc worked on installing gutters on the house...

I worked outside for a total of about 4 hours.

And as I sit here?  I so wish I could tell you that I feel happy about what I accomplished.  

Instead all I'm thinking about is how much I ate and how I am never ever going to get back to goal...

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