Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two for the price of one…

I just had to do it, didn’t I?  I had to open my big fat mouth and talk about how great May was starting out.  So I guess I brought this on myself…

Today Marc and I got up and did our normal morning routine.  Then we ate an early brunch and got our bikes out.  It was windier than we would have liked, but it was in the low 70’s and sunny.  I was excited to finally have a chance to get some biking in!

We started out on a route Marc had suggested.  All was great until about 7 miles in.  Then from a house a dog came running at us.  Many times a dog just gets excited, but I recognized the look of this dog – he was FOCUSED and hell bent for leather at Marc. 

The owner of the dog was out there with another dog and inexplicably, was recording her dog going after us while yelling at him.  He completely ignored her, ran up and bit Marc squarely in the calf.  Marc told the woman he had been bitten, which she ignored and continued to call the dog which finally came back to her.

Marc and I got the hell out of there.  I saw the teeth marks, but it wasn’t bleeding too much and he wanted to continue.  We rode a few more miles and came to a parking lot of a nature trail where we stopped. 

We took pictures of the wound that was starting to swell and I told Marc that it would definitely need to be reported.


We continued on, and I was determined not to let it spoil the day.  10 minutes later – yup – you guessed it – another dog.  This one went after Marc and I could see she was trying to bite him but couldn’t get the angle.  She turned around like she was heading home but then changed her mind and came running at me.  I knew it was coming and sure enough, she bit me in the calf.  I screamed. 

That dog went back to her owners.  This woman was more concerned than the previous one and – albeit reluctantly – gave us her name and phone number.

We were told the dog is “really friendly” – I resisted the urge to say “You mean when she’s not fucking BITING PEOPLE??!!”


Marc has been a bike rider for YEARS and has never been bitten.  And then we both get nailed in one day. 

All things considered, it could have been MUCH worse.  What really pisses me off is that now I am scared when I pass a house where there’s a dog. 

Marc will call dog  control tomorrow to report both incidents and so they can confirm that the dogs have their shots.

I was bound and determined to not let it ruin the rest of our day and even made jokes about it.  Marc was less forgiving. 

We ended up riding a total of 36 miles and I feel good.  But I can’t believe there are such irresponsible dog owners out there!!  Ok, I actually can believe it, but it really pisses me off!! 

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