Friday, May 8, 2015

Race day eve!

I took today off.  When I asked for the day off a couple weeks ago, I anticipated I would sleep in and then rest throughout the day.  

And then today dawned - and it was GORGEOUS!  By 10 am the temps were in the mid 70's.  Marc and I decided we simply had to take a short bike ride.

Yes, 20 miles.  And then?  Well it was too nice of a day to waste, so I started working on the flower beds.  Weeding, cutting, laying dirt.  I can't tell you how good it felt to be outside and sweating!

Late afternoon I did a Yin Yoga session to stretch out my muscles and joints.  Then we headed in to pick up our swag bag and race numbers.

Then it was a pasta dinner.  Including garlic bread.  Oh sweet justification of carb-loading!!!

Foam rolling was next.

Then I got everything ready for tomorrow.  I am now relaxing and hoping that a busy today today will translate to a restful night's sleep.

I am not ready, but I am as prepared as I can be...

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