Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Guess who has made a guest appearance?

This week Thin Jen has made a welcome re-appearance.  She has been around in the last few months, but only to poke her head in for a moment or two and then has disappeared.

Don’t ask me why, but she showed up with her bags on Sunday, unpacked, and decided to stay a while.

I’ve felt in control and powerful this week.  And this is despite still lamenting my poor performance at the half.

In fact, with the risk of jinxing it all, everything that CAN go right this week has seemed to. 

I noticed it today when I visited a room with cupcakes – and not those dried out store bought chunks of crap – but homemade cupcakes with loads of frosting from a fantastic baker that I work with.

Not only did I not try one, but I was only mildly tempted.  And for me?  Mildly tempted is a VICTORY.  And, bonus time, I didn’t feel sorry for myself.  I actually did not want to eat one.

And then I ran to the grocery store to buy something healthy for dinner.  In the past, “running” to the grocery store would mean getting in my car and driving.  But no, I actually ran.  And then walked back with a couple bags.

Geez, if I could string together more of these days I could actually – GASP – get some of this disgusting flab off of me!!  Wouldn’t that be something????


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