Monday, May 11, 2015

The whole consistency thing..

I spent yesterday sleeping in, taking the dogs for a leisurely walk, working on some outdoor projects and processing Saturday's race.  I felt myself battling between being at peace with it and feeling utterly demolished.

And then today, back at work, I had to repeatedly explain my poor showing to lots of different people who wanted to know how I had done.  Most were incredibly supportive but it didn't make me feel any better.

I then made the decision that I was going to take some time off from running.  That turned into a decision that I wasn't going to run anymore EVER.  And then, like the fucked in the head chick that I am, I went out and ran 4 miles and ran/walked another 2.  

It helped me get out of my head some and I ate a healthy lunch and didn't feel snacky at all.  

I came home and Marc and I hopped on the bikes and went for a short ride.  

We got home and I could smell the rice and veggies that Marc had put in the rice cooker - he cooked up some Swai to pair with it while I hit the shower.

So as I sit here, I feel like I've had a really successful, healthy day, both food wise and fitness wise.  

If I could have days like this consistently, the weight would fall off like the panties off of a prom queen!  

But that's my problem!  I seem to have 1-2 days of this and then I fall face first into a vat of peanut butter or a handful of chocolate.  

It feels good to start a Monday off right - let's hope Tuesday follows suit.

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