Monday, May 25, 2015

Renting time..

As I sit here tonight, I wonder where the hell the weekend went!!  I mean I even had an extra day and yet I didn't get done half of what I wanted to!!

It's typical for me anyway, but I think because of the horrific winter we had, I just want to be outside having FUN!  I am even having a hard time getting motivated to plant the garden!  It just feels like work and - insert whiny voice - I don't want to work!

Marc was checking out Craigslist this week and found a mountain bike - a nice one - for dirt cheap.  

So yesterday he wanted to hit a trail.  And so we headed out to a trail system south of us.  Mountain biking seems to be so heavily male dominated - and once we started riding I guessed the reason.  Mountain biking is NOT a vagina friendly sport - literally.  Even with my heavily padded bike shorts my poor hoo-hah took a beating!!!

Bet you're glad I shared that!  Consider it a public service.

After biking all day - hard biking for me - it's not like riding on the road - we arrived at the grocery store and I was STARVING.

This is where hard choices come in to play.  It would have been so easy to grab a pizza.  I wanted pizza.  Instead we went for a rotisserie chicken and a couple ears of corn.  Not the absolutely healthiest choice in the world, with all the fat, but not terrible either.

This morning we slept in some.  And then I started planting some flowers while Marc worked on the fencing around the garden so that I'm not planting a feast for our chickens and the local rabbits.

The plan was to get a few things planted and then go for a run.  5 hours later all my containers were planted the garden is ready for seeds and it starts raining - and here I am wondering where the hell the day went and feeling totally guilty for not getting a run in!

Will there ever come a day when I will feel like I have my shit together?  I'm thinking no...

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