Saturday, May 2, 2015

I MAY be starting out well!

May is a special month for me.  I had my last drink of soda in May, 2010.  That may not seem like a big deal with all the other life changes I made, but when I say that Mountain Dew was my drug of choice?  It’s not a joke. 

Giving that up and not having had a DROP since that time is a very big deal to me. 


I drank about 3 – every day.

May 2011 marks the first time I ran a mile straight outside without stopping.  In 16 minutes.  I was SO happy.

May 2013 – I ran my first official half-marathon.

Marc’s birthday is in May – I think I enjoy celebrating his birthday more than mine!

So I was thrilled when May arrived yesterday.  I received my lab results in the mail.  I am less than thrilled about my BAD cholesterol – a discouraging 149.  BUT with my triglycerides at rock bottom (76) and my GOOD cholesterol being sky high (72), my ratios put me at 1/2 the risk of the average female of heart attack.

So, it’s okay.

Yesterday was sunny, windy and warm and I took a walk at lunch and soaked up the sun that I have been SO missing all winter.  I got home and Marc and I did a hard yoga session while I could smell the beef stew that Marc had been cooking all day in the slow cooker.

I then got a call from the local radio station that I won $100 in free gas!  Lucky me!

Today also dawned beautiful and I did a planned 10 mile run.  It was in the high 60’s and my body is not yet used to that temperature, so I had a bit of a rough time.  That scares me a little heading into the half next week, but as Tony Horton repeatedly tells me, all I can do is my best and “forget the rest”. 

Marc was taking the dogs for a walk and I timed it perfectly, running into him just as he was turning around and we walked a leisurely 2 more miles.

After lunch we sat outside for a while and relaxed and then I spent a little while clearing some weeds from my flower bed.  We have an abundance of lilac trees in our yard, and as I weeded I was able to see the tiny purple buds that are starting to appear.

Tomorrow they are calling for another gorgeous day, which I plan to use to FINALLY get on the bike for the first time this year!

I feel good.  I feel hopeful.  I sincerely and truly hope that everyone’s May is starting out with as much promise as mine has!


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