Saturday, May 23, 2015

And so it goes…


This is my wonderful boy giving me a kiss at the end of our run today. 

I’ve been doing my “long runs” on Saturdays instead of Sundays for a few weeks.  And normally Archer and Chakotay wouldn’t be a part of that.

But after feeling really good about a 6.5 mile run I did Thursday?  I woke up in the night in AGONIZING Achilles pain.

The pain was so bad that I could barely walk Friday morning.

So after WEEKS of physical therapy last fall, and religiously stretching, foam rolling and using the electrical stimulation EVERY MOTHER FUCKING NIGHT – I’m right back to where I was.

I cannot tell you how incredibly discouraged I am. 

So this morning the pain was less after not running but just walking a few miles yesterday so I decided to take the boys out to do some run walk intervals.

And it felt okay.  After lunch we went to a local village which was having it’s village wide rummage sales and walked around and then stopped at Walmart to do some shopping and we just finished a yoga session.  And I’m walking without too much pain.

So we’ll see what happens after I rest it for a while tonight and see if the rest stiffens it right back up.

I have a 10K race next weekend that I was hoping to do well in.  So much for that. 

I know there are worse things.  And I still am going to go ahead and feel sorry for myself.


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