Friday, May 16, 2014

Can't you just play nice?

This week the weather has been BEAUTIFUL.  Highs soared into the 80's.  After work I came home and almost every day, Marc and I hauled the weights out of our basement and did a workout outside rather then in the basement.

After being in an office all day, it felt great to be outside in the fresh air doing my workouts.  However, we only have weights up to 25 pounds so I haven’t been lifting heavy.  Combine this with cutting back on my running in preparation for the ½ marathon tomorrow?  

Well, I’m not feeling too impressed with myself today.

Today has been marked by rapidly falling temperatures, wind and TORRENTIAL rain.  Although the rain is actually not as bad as they were predicting.  Tomorrow, fortunately, we are going to be back to sunny skies, although the half starts at 8AM and it’s going to be very chilly - they are saying about 43 degrees!

So wish me luck in the race, and be prepared for a long and boring report of how it went!!!

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