Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday update...

For absolutely no reasonable reason I've found myself off kilter this week.  I was so happy for Friday to get here.

I stepped outside to leave this morning - in a short sleeve dress - with NO coat and I felt...odd.  Then I realized it was because I wasn't cold!  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this is the first time in fucking MONTHS that I have been warm!!

The noon hour brought temps in the low 80's and extreme humidity.  Because my body is not used to this weather running was difficult.  I had a very tough time breathing.  But, TRUST ME - I am not complaining!!! I will happily adjust!

 I came home and we went outside to do our weekly yoga session.  I have desperately waiting for this weather to arrive!  I almost cried!

After dinner I walked around a little and this is how late this spring is - normally on Marc's b-day then lilacs are full bloom.  Guess what?  There aren't even any blossoms on the trees and his b-day is next week!

I then realized tonight was the night to try my goal of a cartwheel!  So I positioned myself and gave it a shot.

And promptly landed on my ass.

 Try #2 resulted in the same.  More tries and my ass continued to hit the grass.  Marc came out and said I wasn't getting my legs up high enough.  So I tried again and finally on try #10?

I fell on my ass.

Apparently losing weight doesn't result in instant coordination.  Who knew??  So this goal remains elusive to me.  I won't give up that dream, yet, though!!!

And, finally, tonight was moving night for the baby chicks.  We moved them from the basement into the coop.  They were chirping desperately in fear as we carried them out and when we set them down they immediately huddled in the corner together.  Poor little small-brained shits!  Fortunately the adult hens and the rooster showed no interest whatsoever in them so they'll be fine.

I can't say the same for my ass :))

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