Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I'll admit that I was totally ignorant to what Cinco De Mayo celebrates.  So I looked it up.  It was an early battle between Mexico and France that Mexico won.  What I found interesting is that this holiday doesn't celebrate the ultimate victory in the war, but in this specific battle because it was so unexpected that Mexico would win and it also gave them confidence that they could win this war.

How that evolved into a day to get shitfaced I'm not sure!

Anyway, I hope for everyone today you can take a moment and appreciate the victory or victories that you can give yourself credit for!  Losing weight and taking control of your life is SO hard and I don't know if the "war" every really ends.  But there are lots and lots of battles and I want to encourage you to look at the battles you have won.

I'll admit that I am having a very tough time doing that today.  I am totally down on myself.  I am trying to have faith in the advice given on the Go Kaleo site about the consequences - temporary consequences - of increasing calories.  But I feel like a fat blob of worthlessness today.

But I have faced MUCH harder battles then this one.  So I will grit my teeth and hold on.  I won't be getting drunk though  LOL


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