Saturday, May 24, 2014

From highs to lows and back again!!

With all the anticipation of the half marathon last week and then being nervous about my doctor's appointment, I had been through a small emotional roller coaster.  And I didn't think I had pushed myself that hard at the 1/2 - my time wasn't that good.
But last week after the 1/2 I walked or ran an additional few miles every day - I had traveled 44 miles last week by Thursday night.  I probably should have rested a little more, but the winter was so terrible, that when it's nice, I just can't take being inside!!  It's like the sun calls to me!!

I then made what was apparently a stupid choice and worked my legs HARD on Thursday night.  When Friday rolled around I was emotionally a bit spent and my legs felt like lead.  So I didn't run at lunch - instead I went shopping for flowers and seeds.  **GUILT ALERT**

As Marc said - and as I would tell anyone else in the world - when your body tells you something you must listen.  But I still felt tremendous guilt.  An hour of yoga when I got home felt good, but I still felt a little unproductive.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed though and - believe it or not - skipping yesterday's workout did not result in a gain of 50 pounds overnight.  I was determined to get something accomplished today.

And I'm thrilled to report I did.  When we got up it looked like it was going to be a cloudy cool day and rain was threatening.  But shortly after noon, the skies cleared and the sun popped out, warming everything up.  I've been so upset about the delayed spring keeping me from putting in my veggie garden.  Today, I got the rototiller out and worked up the whole thing - refreshing the soil and smashing the weeds to death.  
How does one look this sexy rototilling?  It's a gift, people, a gift!
With that task accomplished, I began weeding my flower beds.  I was able to get them all weeded and ready for planting tomorrow!  I then moved on to the mess that was my herb garden and got that all cleaned out for some annual herbs to join the ones that returned from last year.

I am tired and smelly tonight and I feel fantastic.  I am looking forward to a hearty dinner and curling up with Marc tonight to watch a movie.
And - because I can't resist - and I know I can't be the only one out there that LOVES a bargain.  Marc and I took our garbage over to the transfer center today and on the way back we stopped at a couple of garage sales.  
We scored these very expensive almost brand new backpacks for the dogs for - guess how much??

 $1 EACH!!!!!!


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