Sunday, May 25, 2014


My original plan today was to get my veggie garden planted and some of my flower plants.  But after looking at the forecast for today and tomorrow and thinking about what I wanted to do - work wise and play wise - with the last 2 days of the long weekend, we decided to hike today and save the "work" for tomorrow.

 So my scheduled "long run Sunday" was cut a little short as I did only 10 miles and we headed out to a trail an hour from us.  We ended up hiking 8 miles. 

 Not bad for exercise today.  On the way home we stopped at Walmart to get dinner and a few things.  By that time I was HUNGRY.  First off, it's good to feel truly hungry - physical hungry and not that emotional "I'm anxious" or "I'm bored" desire to nosh.  But when I'm in that state of hunger and being a little worn out?  I don't always make the best choices.

So we walk into Walmart and the first thing we see is:

It's not a coincidence my friends that the minute you walk into most Walmarts, there is a case full of these high calories but oh so fucking delicious beauties!

 "Me WAAANNNT!!!  PIZZA GOOOOOODDDD!". Fat Jen wailed.

Thin Jen explained that there was better choices.  But Fat Jen?  She began "talking" quickly and frantically about the amount of calories we burned today and oh how good pizza is.

Thin Jen managed to move past the display case only to encounter the deli section with the mouth watering smells of fried chicken.  Fat Jen looked to Marc to see if he would back her, but Marc had a poker face on.  "Whatever you want is fine with me."

Under her breath, Fat Jen grumbled "Pick a side, Motherfucker!"  She can be mean when she fears losing!
 Thin Jen then looked a little further and saw the deli meat.  A decision was made and Thin Jen came out the victor.  Dinner ended up being a honey roasted turkey wrap with reduced fat swiss cheese and a bean based soup.  

 That pizza would have been good.  And the world would haven't ended if that was the choice I ultimately made.  Next time?  Maybe i choose the pizza.  But soon I'm going to crawl into bed feeling really positive about the decisions I made today.  

 That's always a good thing at the end of the day!!  


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