Friday, July 19, 2013

WHOOSH and worry...

I was fully prepared for this week to suck.  Coming back from vacation to dozens of voice mails and e-mails and then just getting back into the routine usually blows.  But instead I've had a wonderful week!

First off, the weather has been right down my alley!  I cannot express how much I love love love the heat!  So that in and of itself just skyrockets my mood.  We don't have air conditioning in my house - never have and never will.  Both Marc and I HATE air conditioning.  But I've been sleeping completely comfortably with the ceiling fan going.

Now, I want to know - have those of you that have been actively losing weight ever experienced the WHOOSH?  I really hope that you have been fortunate enough to!  The WHOOSH is when - seemingly out of nowhere - you drop a bunch of pounds overnight. You're not doing anything differently and just bang - the whoosh happens.

I loved experiencing the whoosh which I had several of on the way down.  They are hard to predict.  One time early on in my weight loss I dropped 5.5 pounds in a week and it was awesome - especially since I was in the midst of a weight loss competition!

I don't get whooshes anymore since I am at goal weight - except this week I did!  My weight spiked after the reunion for obvious reasons and then settled back down to 119 - where my body apparently likes to be.  But then I stepped on the scale and WHOOSH - overnight I had dropped to 117.2.  Yay!  That is the number that I like to see.  Who knows why it happened, but I'll take it.

 The weather has not stopped me from running.  This has resulted in some disapproval/worry from people in my life.  I know that it seems insane to people that hate the heat, but honestly and truly, running in this weather is 100x better for me then running in the cool.  Remember, I am cold ALL THE TIME.  So these temperatures to me are just right.  Plus, I do take my own advice.  I run slower, I take some breaks and drink water.  

And even though I ran in 90 degrees yesterday during my lunch, as soon as I finished, I come back into a well air conditioned building.  Which almost instantaneously cools me off.  So, no need to worry, I promise!

See, I'm even smiling after my run yesterday!!


  1. Silly question but, when you run during lunch at work and come back all sweaty, how do you freshen up at work and how much time do you get for lunch?

    1. Not a silly question! Believe it or not, I was thinking yesterday as I was changing that I should do a blog post about it! Stay tuned.... ;))