Friday, July 26, 2013

Anyone up for some tough love?

I received an e-mail yesterday from Sara.  She said that she had lost about 55 pounds over the last few months, but has but about 5 back on.  She said that she was in a "mid-summer slump" and has not been exercising and has - in her words - "eating right - well hell no!"

 Sara asked me to give her a swift kick in the pants.  Well, Sara, this is for you.  And it is also for anyone else out there who has fallen off the wagon.  

First off, I'll start out gentle.  So you fell off - GET BACK ON.  Right now.  Yes it's Friday.  But don't start Monday or August 1st.  Start right now.

Life is full of choices.  What is your goal?  You aren't going to become a super-model, right?  But aren't you sick of being fat and uncomfortable?  Don't you hate sitting around streaming sweat when you are just SITTING?  Isn't it horrible getting in bed at night and feeling worthless and guilty because you made awful choices AGAIN?

Don't you wish that you could put on a sleeveless top and marvel at how great you look?  Or how about putting on that bathing suit without wanting to cry?  Trust me - I have BEEN THERE.  

Those things are possible.  Stop whining if you are not willing to do something about it.  There is nothing miraculous about losing weight.  It is about eating less food then you are burning.  It's that simple.

So stop making excuses.  Stop saying you "have to" eat out or stop for pizza on the way home.  Stop pouting that it's too hot to cook or the heat makes you tired.  You don't like the heat?  TOUGH.  I don't like the cold but it doesn't stop me from exercising in the winter when I would rather be curled up under a thick blanket and it shouldn't just because you would rather sit in front of the AC and chill out. 

Or use these excuses.  Stay fat.  Feel sorry for yourself.  And when you can't fit into those new pants you bought and thought you looked great in, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.  When Thanksgiving comes and you are embarassed because you have to once again face the family as the fat one you'll wish you could go back 4 months and do it right.  

How many more hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS do you want to live as you are? 

On my Facebook page today I posted this quote "Cemetaries are full of people who wish they had a second chance."  Well this is it, another chance.  Another day to make the right choice. A day to get it right.  

What choice are you going to make?