Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clean yourself up!!!

I was asked in another post by an anonymous reader how I clean up and go back to work after running on my lunch hour.  

Ok, so the first thing that you have to know is that I am extremely fortunate to have a VERY fleixble job as far as setting my own schedule and what I do from hour to hour.  So I - whenever possible - leave the hour after my run free.  I don't schedule clients and leave that time to do paperwork.  That way I can eat lunch after my run while working on paperwork and even returning phone calls.  So I have it easy that way.

Secondly, I am not much of a "sweater".  I do sweat when I run, but then I come back into an air conditioned building and this dries me up almost immediately.  So I  have a couple advantages that not everyone might have.

But here is my routine.  I bought a small Rubbermaid container that I keep full of my stuff in the corner of our staff bathroom.    

I change in the bathroom and throw all my clothes in the tote for when I'm out running..  NOTHING that I wear running do I put back on when I come back in.  When I return from the run, I have a large plastic bag that I stick all the wet sweaty clothes in and then stick that plastic bag in the duffle bag.  That keeps the "stank" from settling in to the duffle bag really well.  Even though this is the case I still give the duffle bag a dousing of Febreze every once and a while!

The duffle bag I bring to work every day and the large, thick plastic bag I throw all my sweaty stuff in.  

When I get back, depending on how sweaty I am I use some moist wipes to get the sweat off.  I usually grab whatever is on sale.  I haven't found any one wipe that works better then others. 

Next?  Dr. Scholl's Foot Spray.  Honestly, this stuff is awesome.  Especially running without socks, it can get a little funky in the foot department, but this stuff is like magic!  I use this directly on my feet and they also have a powder to shake into the sneaks.  

Of course, a re-application of deoderant is a must!

I was not blessed much in the looks department, but I do have pretty awesome hair.  But in case it needs a little touch up from being pulled up in a ponytail, I have hairspray.

And finally - which has nothing to do with running, but I keep in my tote so I thought I'd include it - is mouthwash.

So, there ya go.  I haven't had any complaints - to my face anyway - about me stinking up the joint!  Some people are lucky enough to have a shower on their work site, but I don't and so I make due.  Most of the year it's not an issue because even at noon the weather is relatively cool and since I don't sweat a lot, it's pretty easy to clean up.

Weeks like last week can be a little more challenging, but on those days I only visit the offices of co-workers that I dislike or invite in clients that I'm mad at ;))))

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