Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's been a year!!!

Can you believe that it's been a year today since I had the surgery to remove the skin?  It truly feels like it's been only a very short period of time.  So here are some updated pics.

Front and side shots:

Here is a close up of my belly button that never did materialize, but I'm liking the piercing so...  By the way, from the belly button down to the incision in about a 2 inch wide swatch, I have NO FEELING in the skin.  Everywhere else the nerves have come back, but not there.

Some close ups of the incision:  

 The incision scar is very visible but also completely flat - if you were to run your hand across it, it feels no different then regular skin.  

The exception to this is right in the top of my butt crack.  Where you can see the thicker scar, that is raised and bumpy.

You can also see that there is some extra skin on the back.  Because they pull the front so tight and you hunch over, the doctor can't pull the back completely tight.

According to Dr. DeRoberts, this is a current source of debate in the plastic surgery community - do you do 2 surgeries instead of one all the way around so that once the patient can stand upright you do the back area and then you can pull it completely tight?  

I think that I would rather have a little loose skin then go through 2 surgeries....

So there you have it.  Clearly I would say that the surgery was a complete and total success.  I am very happy and have absolutely zero regrets. 

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  1. Congrats!!! you do look fantastic, strong and happy :)
    VermontMom from 3FC