Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Last week, my very good friend Peg and I went out to lunch and she asked me if I thought that a person needs to be "obsessed" on this journey.  My immediate reaction was "YES, absolutely!"

I have been thinking about our conversation since then.  You see the word "Obsess" tends to make people think of negative things.  But the definition of obsess is:  To occupy the mind excessively.  Now, look, if you are looking to lose 5 pounds this probably doesn't apply to you.  But I am assuming that most people who bother to read this are looking to radically change their lives and their bodies.

When I talk to my addicted clients I tell them this:  they should consider their life as a pie chart (mmmm....pie....) - oops distracted there for a minute...You guys are familiar with pie charts, right?

I tell my clients that when they first are getting sober that focusing on getting clean and sober has to be a HUGE piece of the pie - their number one focus and that EVERYTHING - and I mean EVERYTHING ELSE - has to fall into the little tiny sliver that's left.  However, once they have been clean a while, they can start allowing that pie to get cut up more and the process of focusing on being sober should get smaller and smaller.  It will always be a slice of their life, but it doesn't need to occupy so much of their time and energy and focus.  

I think the same can be said about losing weight and being fit.  If you are COMMITTED to this journey, it needs to be the primary focus of your life, period.  When I was actively losing weight, what I was going to do for exercise that day was the FIRST thing that entered my mind the minute I got up.  What I was going to eat that day was what I thought about while in the shower in the mornings.  EVERY SINGLE THING that went into my mouth, I knew how many calories and where that fit in my calorie count for the day.

Yes, that is OBSESSIVE.  And it meant sacrificing other parts of my life.  BUT, now that I'm in maintence, I'm not as obsessed.  Real life, instead of the losing weight life, is taking over.  Slowly, but surely.

I don't think you can half-ass it.  Not if you want to see RADICAL change.  And I wanted life altering change, which I got.  I honestly don't think that you can devote only 10% of your life to this journey and lose 100 pounds.  And when I say be obsessed, I mean be obsessed with the PROCESS.  Being obsessed with the number on the scale I think is unhealthy.  If you are focused on the PROCESS of getting fit and eating well, that number takes care of itself.

How much does being fat and/or unhealthy dominate your life?  Think about that.  Does it effect your relationships, your breathing, where you go for dinner, what you do with your kids?  Do you sit on your ass on the weekend playing computer games and waste your life away?  If so, I would argue that you could use some obsession.

And I'll leave it with an awesome quote, but I am curious on your thoughts of obsession....


  1. *applause* This is a FABULOUS post and totally spot on!

  2. I Loved this Jennifer. I am someone with addiction in my life and it really brought it to light. Its all so true. Never thought of it in this way. I will let u know how my day goes.

  3. I know I have people that think my life style when I am eating and exercising the way I want think I am obsessive. I think your post AGAIN is spot on also.
    I like to think of it as the "4 Ds" desire,determination,dedication and discipline.
    I am happiest when I keep to this path.

  4. I was told many times I was "obsessed" when I was losing weight. Now that I've been in maintenance for a year those same people tell me I'm not as "obsessed", I think I am...it's just a habit now lol...so I might not talk about it all the time but its always "there".

  5. I came to this exact realization last week. I have 119 pounds total to lose to get to my first real long-term goal and I've always half-assed it in the past. Not this time; eating healthy and being active has been my primary focus this last week and I actually saw good progress on the scale this week. I know it's a long journey ahead, but it is going to get to be my primary focus until I get to maintenance (so yes, call it obsession if you want).