Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring fever!!!!

Well, the weather is still pretty chilly here today, but it smells like spring out.  And the forecast for this weekend is FINALLY calling for temps in the 60's!  I can't tell you how much that improves my mood!

With spring through, comes a lot of challenges for me.  First off, we all know I'm not the world's best housekeeper, and I will fail even more miserably when warm weather hits because I will want to be outside all the time!

On the agenda this weekend will be completely cleaning out the chicken coop.  This means shoveling out all the old pine shavings and chicken poop and loading them onto our wagon and getting rid of them and then scrubbing the whole thing down with bleach.  Good times.  But it will work out well as we'll be moving the new chicks in there soon.

I also have to start planting some things in the greenhouse.  I can't wait to have fresh vegetables again from my own garden!  There's nothing quite like it!  That helps keep up the healthy eating.

On the other hand, with spring comes ICE CREAM stands, and barbecues, and a desire to just let go and enjoy.

This will be my first full summer in maintenance and I'm feeling confident and optimistic about my ability to do well.  Because while I'll face some challenges, I also will be out and about getting a lot of activity.

Plus I have to keep that bikini body to show off my belly button piercing!!!

Hope everyone gets outside and enjoys the weekend!!

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