Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bitchy and snarky....

No, I didn't get 2 new dogs and give them weird names.  Bitchy and snarky is how I am feeling today, so be warned!

Here's the deal - I try to be understanding and empathetic to people who want to lose weight.  After all, I have been there and done that.  And, everyone's experiences and journeys are different and what worked for me won't necessarily work for others.  

I have mentioned this before, though - when I was fat, I never made excuses for why I was fat.  Other people would even say things to me about how I didn't eat any more then they did or something like that, but I knew exactly why I was fat.  I ate massive amounts of food, ate bad food, and didn't exercise. 

So I get really frustrated some times when I see people who make excuses why they are fat and piss and moan and whine about how hard it is.  I just about lost it yesterday when one of my Facebook friends posted that she has come to the conclusion that she would have to (paraphrasing here) drink only water, exercise obsessively and not eat food in order to lose a pound.  AND - I am not kidding here - this post was in the middle of about 5 recipes that she tagged from various sites of high fat and calorie dessert items.

O.M.G.  Are you kidding me?  And then there was another person on the weight loss site that I am on who made a LOOOONG post about how she has absolutely NO TIME to exercise and make meal plans and HAS to eat fast food.  

Now, I am NOT judging either of them about whether they "should" lose weight.  But they need to dump the excuses!  In the time it took to "pin" a dozen recipes of high fat desserts, this Facebook friend could have gotten in a good 20 minute workout!  And the person who was posting about how tough this is could have gotten a week's worth of meal planning done!!

Losing weight is HARD.  It's full of sacrifice.  Do you know how many times I have said NO to a cookie?  Or walked by a plate of homemade brownies?  Or refused an offer to go out to lunch?  In fact just yesterday  I was at my satellite office and there was a pizza party starting at 11AM.  I got out of there and headed back to my regular work office and worked out for an hour and had my "treat" lunch - a SALAD from Subway!!

I am not saying this because I am some sort of hero - it's just the reality of how badly you want it.  It's your choice as it is mine!  You can sit on your ass and bitch about how hard it is and how you are missing out or you can change your life - BUT YOU CAN'T DO BOTH!!  Trust me - I would love to down an entire plate of brownies, and then go for a leisurely 2 mile stroll and break even.  But that ain't gonna happen.  

 It SUCKS.  But you either want to cook a high fat chocolate cake and eat it or you want to lose weight.  Which do you choose?



  1. I love you! You are right on mark!!!!
    Thanks for your thoughts on my boy we are on the slow heal.....

  2. *CLAP CLAP* ~ Ishbel