Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guest writer - Traveling and being healthy

The following was written by guest blogger Mike Manning:

Traveling does not Mean Death to your Diet

Taking a vacation or going on a business trip is a fast and easy way to fall off the fitness wagon. The key to staying healthy on the go is planning. Learning ways to manage your diet and exercise helps maintain the lifestyle that keeps you in balance. There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence, but don’t let the stress of being away from home sideline your fitness goals.

Get to Know the Destination

Knowledge is a critical factor when planning a trip. You can get to know the area before you make any reservations and create a program that encourages fitness. In today’s Internet world, travelers have the ability to shop around. Try a travel site that lets you filter search results by hotel amenities. On a recent trip to San Francisco I used a travel review site that allowed me to see all of the hotels in San Francisco in order of rank. From here I could click on the hotel and see amenities offered, reviews from people that have stayed there, and price. Things to look for in lodging include:

  • On-property gym or access to a local gym close by
  • In room refrigerator and microwave for healthy drinks and snacks
  • Large guest rooms with space for exercise
  • Complimentary boot camp, pilates, or yoga classes

These little extras give you options when it comes to your fitness routine. In addition, scope out the neighborhood looking for jogging trails or bike rentals, healthy restaurants and hiking in the area.

Pack for Fitness

  • Running shoes and clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • Jump rope
  • Resistance bands

Wear a pair of walking shoes while at the airport or driving. This will encourage you to walk around instead of sitting down to eat or drink on a break. Many airports offer rooms or walking trails for flyers looking to stay active while waiting to board.

Manage Your Portions

Restaurants, particularly ones in the United States, are known for their massive portions. This is a major obstacle when eating out. One way to circumvent the problem is by sharing plates or saving half the meal for the next day. If dining alone, ask the server to pack up half of the high calorie foods on your order before delivering the meal. You can fill the plate with ala carte veggies and salad.

If eating with your family, consider ordering two or more main dishes for a smorgasbord. You can set the entries in the middle of the table and then order everyone a salad and vegetable serving to eat banquet style.

Don’t Give into Snacking Temptation

What you eat between meals might ultimately be the biggest challenge while on the road. Prepare for hours in the car. Pack a cooler with healthy drinks and snacks to avoid stopping for chips and sodas. When visiting attractions, try buying several different types of treats and letting everyone in the group have a taste of each. You can avoid the sugar blues and save money by restricting drinks to water.

Travel does have to mean death to your diet. Plan to stay active and manage what you eat. Your trip can be fun and healthy at the same time.


  1. Gee did you post that for me!? got it in the bag ...been there done my cooler stocked with my stuff,almonds for snacks pre baked sweet potatoes,I take the tuna packets dump them On greens I take or buy at fast foods,always keep some in glove box for emergency along with a squeeze lemon. Baked chicken breasts have my Oatmeal packets ( hate instant BUT) and pre measured flax,chia and bee pollen to go in it.Taking lots of fruit. I have my iPod if I get Internet for workouts. And of course will take running shoes and bra JUST in case I can break away for a run.We are going to Yosemite National Park so will be doing some hiking depends on hubby's knees.

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