Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The poor me, pity pot blog post...

IT'S NOT FAIR that I can be perfectly 100% on plan and it takes weeks to take off 2 pounds and one weekend of decadance can put it all back on.

IT'S NOT FAIR that I have to analyze and think about every single thing that goes into my mouth rather then just eating like a normal person.

IT'S NOT FAIR that I know people that eat massive amounts of food and never put on a pound.

IT'S NOT FAIR that I'm 5'1" and therefore my BMR is extremely low and even a small amount of additional calories can cause weight gain.

IT'S NOT FAIR that my husband - like many other men - can eat really badly and then just behave for a couple of days and be right back to their ideal weight.

IT'S NOT FAIR that I should be battling any sort of injury which limits my exercising.  (DAMNED IT BAND)

IT'S NOT FAIR that there is not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything that I want to.

IT'S NOT FAIR that sugary carby and fatty foods taste SO FRICKING GOOD.

IT'S NOT FAIR that stress makes me want to eat rather then suppressing my appetite.

Ok, after this temper tantrum I feel a little better.  Anyone care to add their own? 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am RIGHT there with you! I saw a TV program not too long ago that said even when an overweight person loses all their weight, and they way the same as a person who never had to battle weight, (i.e. two people weigh say 115 but one had to lose a ton to get there) they ALWAYS have to eat less and risk gaining it back. It is totally not fair! This truly is a life long battle for us.
    By the way, I am the one who has e-mailed you a cpl times and actually have a blog I started 3 years case you'd like to take a gander. It is:

    Keep it up, YOU are my inspiration!