Friday, February 22, 2013


I read this quote today not being familiar with the song that it comes from, and it really resonated with me.  I lived my life under the chains of obesity for many, many years.  Who was I waiting for to to unleash me from those chains?  

The fact is that we often place ourselves in our own prisons.  And then we wait around for rescue when the answer to what we are searching for lies completely within ourselves.

Who places food in our mouths?  We do.  Who decides how much we exercise?  We do.  Who decides if we stay in an unhealthy relationship?  We do.

I read a post recently on a weight loss site from a youngish woman (early 20's) and she lives with her sister.  According to her, her sister constantly berates her and tries to sabotage her weight loss attempts.  This woman said that she has "no choice" but to stay with her sister at this time.  

I call BULLSHIT.  We always have choices.  And those choices might involve incredible adjustment and sacrifice and such.  AND there is no right or wrong to the choice she makes, but she needs to understand that it IS her choice.  

If you are playing the victim it has to stop.  You don't HAVE to stay in a bad relationship.  You don't HAVE to cook one meal for yourself and one for the rest of your family.  You don't HAVE to eat out every night.  You are CHOOSING to.  

Once you take control of your life, that will help you in this journey.  Once I realized that no one was going to solve my weight problem but me, the pounds seemed to melt away.  But the first thing I had to fix was my HEAD, not my stomach!

Unlock yourself.  TODAY!


  1. Good post. Words of wisdom!

    I like your blog and am going to bookmark it.

    Just a suggestion - I find the color of your font too light and have a little difficulty reading it. Could be my eyes. A bit darker font would help.

    (notbonjovi on MFP)

  2. Glad someone else posted on the font color because I had trouble reading it as well.