Monday, February 25, 2013

8 weeks - have you quit?

Tomorrow marks 8 weeks since January 1st.  That means that some of you made "New Year's Resolutions" or, hopefully, set some goals for the New Year.  Why is 8 weeks important?  8 weeks - for those who are into statistics - marks the time when the VAST majority of people quit or give up on their resolutions.

So how about you?  Have you given up and surrendered?  If so, I challenge you to recommit today!  It's Monday and a perfect time to get back on track!  I noticed the sun was coming up while I was in the shower today.  Spring is coming!  Time to buckle down so you can look fabulous this summer!!

Remember January 1st?  Remember after all the holiday fun and indulgences that you were READY - ready to change your life?  Remember being motivated and optimistic?  Well, it's not too late.  You can ALWAYS start new if you need to!

Me?  I feel like I am on track!  Exercising and eating right (for the most part - I'm not perfect, you know) has put my weight exactly where I want it.  I am still struggling with time management, but I got the house cleaned  yesterday and because I have been keeping up, it wasn't a disaster and only took a short time to get it cleaned up.  

If you are in my boat, then congratulations - you are beating the odds - keep up the great work!  If you gave up, time to recommit and get back on track!


  1. Hi
    Always mean to get on pc to write IPAD won't let me write on this blog, anyways for the heavy bag all I know is Amy Bento has a DVD that has a workout on it my friend used...called RUMBLE you can rent from Netflicks.
    I agree with so many things that you say in your blogs I am always wanting to write back and support you!
    I am still on task as expected my weight is slow coming off now being close to goal BUT not wavering.
    My boy is having complications so has kept us very busy it has not healed up and is infected. It was 3 weeks today..they are go to knock him out and open and restich the area he is having a problem with and take a culture.I AM WORRIED and SCARED! My baby don't know if you have seen his pictures on my FB page but he is a big baby!
    I would like to PM you on calorie intake...have some questions I stuggle feel I am too low and would like to talk or blog! Off to work....

    1. Looks like there are several DVD's from Amy Bento on Amazon - I will check them out!! Thanks for the suggestion - we don't have Netflix.

      Sounds like you are doing great, but I am terribly worried about your boy! Hopefully they can culture and find the exact infection and get him on the right antibotic to kill it!! Please keep me in the loop!

      You can send me an e-mail any time - tab is at the top of the main page or PM me at Fatchicks! You don't want to go too low on calories!