Monday, February 4, 2013

Poor winners/poor losers

So the Superbowl is over which I imagine is a huge relief to some of you who don't like football!

I just have to post about this because it really struck me yesterday.  Let me first say that I am HUGELY competetive.  I sometimes wonder if that competetive streak is something that has made me successful in this weight loss journey .  Almost like I have been competing against myself!  

At any rate, I would be described as a poor loser.  I am also a very poor winner.  Meaning that I have absolutely no issue with rubbing people's face in my victory in a very nasty way.  This is not something that I'm proud of, it is a definite character defect that I need to work on.  Since I don't play competetive sports, I don't have to deal with this very much.  

Something struck me yesterday - after the game was over, most of the Baltimore players were celebrating with their teammates on the sidelines - hugging each other, jumping up and down, crying, etc.  But there was one player - Ray Rice - who I noticed went right over to the San Fransisco sidelines and began shaking hands with the 49'er players and saying "good game" and stuff like that.

I was incredibly impressed with that show of sportsmanship.  That was very cool of him and very classy.  It just points out that you don't have to knock someone else down to build yourself up.  And that's a lesson for all of us.

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