Monday, August 20, 2012

Tackling my closet!

As you might imagine, going from the size I was to the size I am has meant drastic changes in my clothing sizes.  I have gone from a Women's size 34 to a size 2/4.  That's also a size 4X to a size small or even extra small.  So, this has meant that during this 2 plus year journey I have gone through buying multiple wardrobes!  I work a professional job, so I have to have nice clothes to wear!

My sister-in-law, Melanie, recently cleaned out her closet and offered me the 4 bags of clothing she was just going to get rid of.  So I happily took them!  [On a side note, Melanie has always been so small and the fact that I can wear her hand-me-downs just blows my mind!!]  Yesterday I tackled my closet.  Not only did I go through, try on, and organize what she had given me, but I also went through all of my clothes, ONCE AGAIN.  I ended up getting rid of a whole bunch of my stuff - even stuff that I bought last fall.  I had a whole bunch of awesome sweaters that were size large that I bought last winter, but even larges just hang on me now for the most part. 

I now have a grand total of 2, yes 2, fall/winter dresses.  Almost everything Melanie gave me for winter was casual and the vast majority was summer stuff.  So looks like I'm going to have to hit the stores in the next couple of months.  But here is the great thing - IT'S MY LAST TIME having to replace my wardrobe.  YAY!!!!  I plan to be this size from now on!

The closet looks great - it's all cleaned out.  Well, my side is, anyway.  I hope I have inspired Marc to go through his clothes.  He is still holding on to XL clothing when he is in a medium now. 

That was my excitement this weekend!  I talked about getting organized last week and let me tell you, this was a lot of work, but it feels so good to have it done and behind me!!

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