Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holy crapola -

Since I've been holding steady between 118 and 119 for the last couple weeks, I think it's fair to say that I have made my weight loss goal.  So I was looking through some old pics.  Wow, is all I can say...

This is me at a wedding in 2008:

And this is a pic from our 2009 Xmas card:

I showed these pics to a couple of friends of mine and both commented that they didn't remember or actually didn't see me as that big at the time.  It's funny because in some ways I still feel like that fat chick.  But in other ways, I feel like it was FOREVER ago that I looked like that.  When in reality it wasn't that long ago at all.

Here are some pics from earlier today:

 As I am finding, the real challenge begins now.  But I have to tell you I feel pretty confident.  We'll see what I feel like as winter begins to creep in and I can't - actually WON'T - get outside as much...


  1. Hi Jen, it's Cath, all I can say! I've been meaning to ask you to share more photos of before and after. It is very motivating to me, and shows that it is possible. I'm down 10Lbs now but haven't been able to exercise for a week since putting my back out. But I'm staying within my calories and logging every day. Keep sharing your are changing peoples lives. Big Hug! Cath

  2. I have no doubt that you will keep the weight off. It certainly is more difficult in the winter months to get exercise as easily but we both know it can be done. Just keep those before pics where you can see them every day. It will be a great incentive to stay as you are in the "after" photos.

  3. Wow! Look at those abs! Great job! Way to be healthy!

  4. I am just finding your blog now, recommended by a friend on Face Book. Thank you for posting your journey. I am inspired by you. Congratulations, to good health!

  5. Wow, you look amazing!! Congratulations!

  6. Jen, I took that picture at the wedding as a joke, remember?? (Drug Court counselor drinking right from the bottle - haha). You look great now, don't lose anymore though, ok?

  7. Yes, I know it was a joke, but it showed off a really telling before!!

    I weigh 118 right now and plan to hover between 115-119!