Friday, August 10, 2012


I hope there are some other 80's peeps reading that remember Duran Duran so that my title makes sense  LOL

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my run yesterday and celebrating minor victories.  I was not motivated at all to run yesterday.  I did a lot of kettlebell work on Wednesday evening and my hamstrings and glutes were SORE, plus I just wasn't feeling it.  However, I didn't give myself an option and got changed and headed out the door.  It was my lunch hour and I always leave my work building and walk a short distance to the end of the road and then start my run.  

As I was walking that short distance I hear someone yelling at me from a car stopped at the red light.  I looked over and there was this woman who I had never seen before waving and yelling at me.  I pulled out one of my headphones and went over towards her.  She told me that she had just been telling her friend about me earlier that day.  She said that she had seen me running "all over the City" since last summer and how awesome I look.  She then said "I so want to be you!!"  She indicated that she had tried Weight Watchers several times and always lost and then regained, but had said to her friend - "If that woman can do it, so can I!!"  I gave her some encouraging words as the light was turning green and they took off. 

It was surprising and flattering.  I mean, I run the same or fairly same route 3 times per week, but I never think that people in cars really notice or pay attention to my running as I am in my own little world.  I do see a lot of the same walkers and we do the head nod thing, but I don't think about people driving by. 

Last May when I started running outside I was about 70 pounds heavier, so I can see that if someone was paying attention they would have noticed.

I don't know if it was because I was flying high from the compliment or what, but I ended up having a GREAT run.  I felt like I was totally in the groove and ran 6 miles easily.  If I had more time I would have run more.  It was awesome. 

THEN at the end of the run, I went inside and weren't they having CAKE right there at the security desk.  They tried to convince me that because I had just run, I could have a piece of cake, but I said NOPE.  I mentally celebrated my self control and headed upstairs to change and have the healthy lunch I packed. 

This journey is NOT a journey of 1000 perfect steps.  It's a journey of making the right choices, one at a time.  If you can string enough of these single right choices together you have a recipe for success.  

I wish that woman in the car luck on her road to getting healthy - one choice at a time!! 


  1. Hi it's Cath. That must have been Ah-mazing to get that compliment! You have been inspiring me and I check your site several times per day to see if there's an update. Since Monday Aug. July 30th I've been making healthier food choices (nothing extreme) and exercising at least 30 mins a day. I've also joined my fitness pal, are you on there still? Anyways, with these small changes I've lost 5LBS! Only 201LBS to go!! Oh crap.

  2. Hi Cath!!!! Congrats on the healthy life choices and being 5 lbs. lighterr! Don't worry about how much you have to lose. This is a one day at a time journey!

    I am on myfitnesspal under 99cherrypie99, but in my attempt to transition into a normal life I no longer log my food. But feel free to friend me!

    It was surreal and soooo flattering to have a stranger compliment and say

  3. whoops - damn tablet - the she wants to be me??!! It wasn't too long ago that I didn't want to be me!!!!