Sunday, July 1, 2012

A great start to July!

First off, speaking of stupid questions, I went to a work-related cookout on Friday.  Since Fridays are a run day for me, it worked out well to run 5 miles and end at the cookout.  So while I was there, I was wearing all my running gear.  

These are the shoes I run in - Fila Skeltoes.  There are considered "minimalist" sneakers.

I must have been asked AT LEAST 7 times - "Do you like those?" and/or "Are those comfortable?"  What I wanted to say was "No, they are horribly uncomfortable and I hate them, that's why I run in them you effing moron."  But I was on my best behavior and didn't say that.

Anyway, I started off this month right - with my first ever double digit run!!!  I ran 10 miles in 1:28:26.  I also posted my fastest mile ever at 8:15.  I continue to be shocked at how my mile times are improving.  The first 7 miles were great, but then I started dragging.  It started to get hot and the last 3 miles have a LOT of hills, so I slowed down dramatically.   

I was low on energy but after lunch still managed to weed out 2 flower beds that I have sorely neglected this year and got a new bed mulched.  Then it was some serious hammock time.  

I've been diligently wearing my bikini, LOL, so my tummy has actually turned brown!  Vacation starts this week, and I am feeling pretty good about life in general.  It certainly feels better then the funk I was in a month ago!!

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