Thursday, July 19, 2012

So what do you eat?

I've been getting a LOT of people contacting me about this.  So I'm going to tell you.  This is what worked for ME.  Not everyone agrees about eating these things.  But I have lost 223 pounds so far, and this is what I have done.  I hope it works for you.  I have done a TON of research over the past 2 years.  So I do know what I'm talking about a little.  Some of these things are obvious, others you might not know.

First off, I don't believe in "evil" groups of food.  Sugar is not evil.  Neither is fat.  Carbs are not the enemy.  Everything in moderation. 

Fruits - they contain a lot of sugar but fruit is incredibly good for you!  Weight Watchers gives people fruit free of points.  I don't agree with that, because fruit calories CAN add up.  Bananas have about 100 calories and your average apple has 70.  So these can add up fast.  Berries are very low in calories and have tons of benefits.  Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries - Eat them while they are in season!!

Vegetables - eat a TON of these.  They are sooooo good for you.  Don't eat them canned!  They lose most of their vitamins and are packed with sodium.  A lot of people say eat them fresh, and we do.  BUT, they do start to lose nutrition the minute that they are picked.  So by the time they hit our grocery stores, they have lost a lot of value.  Buy fresh at Farmer's Markets.  In the alternative, don't be afraid to buy frozen.  Frozen veggies are frozen soon after harvesting and often have more of their nutritional value then fresh, believe it or not!  Steamed is the best for you.  Buy a quality steamer and steam them!

Protein - EAT YOUR PROTEIN!  Especially if you are working out.  It is essential for muscles.  Also, protein helps you feel full longer.  What are some sources of protein?  Meat, of course.  Also nuts and eggs.  Don't listen to any BS about eggs being bad for you.  They are AWESOME for you.  I am not a big organic fanatic.  But in the case of eggs, this is important.  Why?  Because farm fresh eggs from free range chickens have 1/3 less fat, 1/4 of the cholesterol and many more vitamins.  Try to find a farmer locally that sells his eggs.  Cheaper then in the store.  We actually started raising chickens because farm fresh eggs are so good for you!  And at 75 calories per egg?  A hard boiled egg is a great, low cal snack that will fill you up!  Quinoa.  I'll bet a lot of you have never heard of this.  Look it up - it's a lot like rice, but PACKED with protein and so yummy!  Seafood.  Eat seafood and fish!  Not Tilapia, though.  Tilapia is not a good fish.  They are gross bottom feeders.  Salmon is great, but I can't do salmon.  We eat a lot of Haddock, Cod and Swai.  Ahi tuna is AWESOME, but expensive.

What about protein powder?  Most people won't need to use this unless you are lifting weights.  On the other hand, if you have some calories left at the end of the day, a chocolate protein shake can fulfill your chocolate craving and is MUCH better for you!

What to drink?  I only drink 0 calorie products with the exception of SKIM milk.  I have 1-2 glasses of milk per day.  Soda is HORRIBLE for you.  Alcohol - nope, no way.  Lots and lots of calories with no nutrition value at all.  Alcohol is strings of sugar joined together.

What about artificial sweetners?  You can read all over the internet which sweetner is better, why certain artificial sweetners will cause you to DIE upon smelling it.  Whatever.  These have been around for YEARS.  Some people are sensitive to them, and in that case, if you are, you don't want to use them.  But for most of us, they are FINE to use.  That being said, I wouldn't use POUNDS per day, but a couple of packets in your coffee won't hurt.   I use Truvia in my oatmeal a couple days per week.

Carbs - Switch as much as you can to complex carbs.  They are better for you.  We use only whole wheat/multi-grain breads.  Switch to brown rice over white.  Sweet potatoes are great for you.  We still have regular potatoes on occasion, but try to stick to sweet.  Oatmeal is awesome for you.  Throw some fresh fruit in the morning and you will be full until lunch.  Beans.  Yeah, you'll fart, but beans are SOOOO good for you and another source of protein.  

Fats - Your body NEEDS fat.  Unfortunately, we often eat bad fats.  So what are some good fats?  Olive oil - switch to that from vegetable oil.  Nuts are great sources of fats, and there is some evidence that our bodies take the fats from nuts that we need and excrete out the rest so they have less calories then they seem to.  Almonds are super good for you.  As are pistachios.  They do have a lot of calories, so you can't pig out on them, but throw some almonds on a salad.  Peanut butter is a great way to get some good fats.  Avacados are also fantastic for you!  I mush these up and use them as an alternative to mayo on my wraps.  

Meats - Lean meats are better, obviously.  I've already talked about fish and seafood.  Chicken and turkey are wonderful.  But don't be scared of lean, red meat.  We buy 93% lean hamburger. 

Ok, this post has gotten long enough.  Maybe tomorrow I'll show you some of my favorite products.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with any questions about what I posted!

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  1. Great Information gained from your personal knowledge & experience. I agree with all you've shared.
    Here's a few of mine:
    Fats - A small portion REAL Butter every now & then, I get a body buzz from it.
    Coconut and Palm Oils - great for pan frying of sliced beef steak and chicken.
    AVOID Crisco / Wesson type of oils.

    Grass Feed Beef once & a while is really good, Laura's ground is a brand sold nationwide for about $6.50 LB. Can cook as burgers or taco meat.