Saturday, July 7, 2012


First off I am excited to report that I FINALLY saw the scale drop a pound.  After hanging out at what feels like forever at 123, I am now at 122.  3 more pounds until my goal of 119.

I did P90X Yoga for the first time since my surgery today.  I was interested to see how the removal of the excess skin would effect this exercise.  It was a bit differently then I anticipated.  Certainly most of the moves were easier.  Here I am doing the Warrior II pose.

Some of the twisting and stretching moves were not easier, though, because my skin is still extremely tight when I try to stretch out.

What was the MOST effected - and I was not expecting this - was my balance moves.  Apparently having the extra skin was throwing off my center of balance.  I was shocked at the difference.

This is called the Tree Pose.  I think I could stand like this for a really long time.  Previously I would fall out of the pose and have to gather the foot back up again.
 This one is called Royal Dancer.  Before the surgery, I pretty much couldn't hold this one at all.  It's still a long way away from ideal, but it's certainly better and a start!

So again, at almost 12 weeks post-op, I continue to discover new things!

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  1. Hi Jen, I found your blog last night and have read every single post! I know you must hear a lot about how inspiring you are, and it may start to lose it's meaning, but YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. I finally found someone who began with the same size and frame as myself and who actually did it. I've given up so many times, but I really want to make it work this time. Could you give some more details about yourself such as: what is your height? What is the amount of calories you eat? and what does a typical menu look like when you started compared to now? I know, lots of questions! I just want to learn as much as I can so that I can begin my own weight loss journey. BTW do you have email? Thanks! :) Cath