Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3 month visit to Dr. DeRoberts...

Today was my 3 month (actually 14 week) check up with Dr. DeRoberts.  He is extremely happy with the results and told me that the incision looks great.  I thought that it did, but I have nothing to compare it to!  Dr. DeRoberts said that he could now pull up a little more skin in the back if I wasn't happy but there is no way that I would go through being cut open again for my butt to be an inch higher!!

He spent a lot of time looking at my belly button and talking to me about options.  What he thinks happened is that when the umbilicus was re-attached, some of it died.  So he could cut into it a little at the top and try to get it to sink down a bit, but it would be a minimal change.  He will do whatever I want.  I'm not so sure that it's worth the effort for a minor change.  It ain't perfect, but it's not terrible either, so I don't know that I'll have anything done.  For now, he once again lasered it and also injected the with Kenalog - a steroid - to try to make it collapse some.  That takes a while so I won't know if it worked until later.

While we were there he commented on how thin I was.  He also took some more pics and was looking at my before pics he had taken and said that he had forgotten how much extra skin I had.  Earlier this week I had said to Marc that while I certainly don't have a 6 pack, I am starting to notice some ab definition.  Marc said that he could see it, too but I wasn't sure if he was just humoring me.  Without me mentioning anything to the Doc, he was like "Wow!  Look at those abs!"  Can you guys see it in this pic?

 Ok, so here's what I was really excited about.  He lasered the incision again, BUT he also lasered off my port-wine stain birthmark!!!!  Those of you who know me IRL have certainly seen it, and anyone who reads this blog has seen it in pics.  I have always HATED it.  It doesn't look so bad in the summer when I get tan, but it looks AWFUL in the winter.  It is right on the top of my chest and up my neck.

Here's a before:

Now here's the thing - he believes the whole thing will be gone with this one treatment.  However, it turns black and blue first and looks all kinds of messed up - so I'll be going to work tomorrow looking like this:

Does it look like it hurts?  WELL IT DOES!!!!!!!  But I am so excited to see what it looks like when it heals!


  1. I can definitely see the abs definition, I promise I'm not just humoring you :)
    You belly button looks fine to me, at least judging from that pictures. Most people don't have perfect belly buttons anyway!

  2. Thanks Alicia, I'm going to keep working the abs and trying to see if they'll come into even more definition!

    As I said, not having a perfect belly button is a small price to pay!!