Sunday, July 22, 2012

10K race over and done.

Ran my first 10K race today. My goal was to finish in under 52 minutes and I finished in 52:08, so I just missed my goal. We ran in Cape Vincent along the St. Lawrence, so it was pretty windy.

I made the mistake of assuming that they would have food for us before the race, which they didn't. So I was pretty hungry given that the race started at 10AM. The mistake that I DIDN'T make was taking off like a bat out of hell when they said GO. So many people did that and they were totally burned out less then a mile in because they had taken off at a sprint. There is a tendency to get caught up in your adrenaline and take off, which I started to and then backed off.  

I did have the disappointment of getting up this morning and saw the scale still sitting at 121.  I really thought I would be down this week.  But I did take 3rd place in my age group for women and got a ribbon.  For someone who never ran a mile straight until last year and is 13 weeks out of surgery, I guess that's not too bad.

Special thanks to my niece Heidi, her husband Rod, and her son, Eli for showing up to cheer us on at the finish line.  That was very cool!

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  1. Congratulations. 3rd place is pretty awesome for your first race.

    You look wonderful btw.