Monday, November 23, 2015

It’s all relative…

You know how they say everything is relative? Boy that is certainly true. Facebook was kind enough to show me a photo I posted of myself 4 years ago today. I remember when we took that photo. We were taking a bunch of different photos for our annual holiday card. I thought I looked pretty damn good. I probably weighed about 175 pounds there.


Today when I saw it I was pretty horrified and embarrassed that I had posted it thinking that I looked good!

I was reflecting that this was 4 short years ago - even though it feels like a LIFETIME ago. So, I’m not doing too bad, right? Then I had to look through some pictures to send to someone concerning my running. And I ran across another photo - this one from 2013 - just 2 years ago. When I was running a lot and still carefully watching my eating.


Oh wow! Was my thought - I looked SO MUCH better then! How I have let myself go - how much fatter I have gotten since that pic was taken! I looked in the mirror and was just discouraged by my excess flab.

And so it goes. Today I ran 10K. In 57:48 - 4 years ago Jen would have been THRILLED to run that distance at that pace. 2 years ago Jen would LAUGH at that horrifically slow time. It’s all relative.

I don’t know if it’s my attempt at having a better attitude or the thyroid pills I am taking or the fact that we are having pretty sunny and warm weather for November here, but I feel more positive and generally better than I have felt all year. BUT - one thing that has unfortunately not changed? My eating.

I was hopeful that feeling better would equate with less appetite. But that is not true. This weekend I plowed through food with a gusto - and with Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I’m fucking myself - and not in a good way!!

I think that I’ve given up trying to lose weight before the end of the year. I think I need to try to take some pressure off by having the goal to maintain from now through December 31 and then, come January?

My goal is to make 2016 a MUCH MUCH better year all around than the grand suck hole that has been 2015. Looking forward, not looking back as we make our way through the holidays...

Are you actively trying to lose or maintain this holiday season?

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