Monday, October 26, 2015

Who do I see about a return?


So when you buy a defective item from a store, it’s pretty easy to just return it, right?  But when it’s your BRAIN that’s defective, who do you see about getting an exchange or your money back?

Because I am absolutely convinced that I am totally and completely defective.

I’m pretty smart.  I have a Master’s Degree and had a 3.9 something GPA in my Master’s program. 

But I’m such a fucking idiot!

Tis the time of year to start wearing my cold weather clothing.  Friday I went to put on pants that were LOOSE last year and they came nowhere NEAR fitting me.  Neither did the next pair I tried on.  So my week ended by me driving to work crying.  Crying at my pathetic lack of control and inability to get my shit together. 

And so I did what any sane, reasonable and logical person would do – I handled being too fat by eating everything in sight. 

By Saturday I was in utter despair.


What the fuck is wrong with me??  You would think that the fact that I was successful in weight lost before would give me at least a TINY FUCKING BIT of self-control.  But apparently I was overtaken by an alien for a couple years who has now abandoned me. 

The one bright spot is that I got my ass out the door and ran today.  And it was probably the best run I’ve had in MONTHS.  I felt strong and happy.  6.2 miles.  Slow miles, but miles nonetheless…


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