Monday, October 12, 2015


Certainly not my weight!  But I am trying my very best to hang onto the positive momentum that I have established!

What has made it easier?  The weather!  Columbus Day weekend in Northern NY traditionally does not have the best weather.

This weekend has been a welcome and wonderful exception.

On Saturday, we headed a little south and hit a long trail in Syracuse.  It was a little chilly, but a brisk 7 mile walk warmed us up.  From there we headed to a local apple orchard to pick a bunch of apples. 

Once again I proved that a person like me does not have to have “bad” foods around in order to overeat as I stuffed my face with apple after apple.

Yesterday was warm and Marc and I took the dogs to a beach near us.  We walked a long trail and then came out on the beach and decided to walk along and see how far it would take us.  We walked while the dogs ran along the beach and in and out of the water.  There was only a light breeze coming off Lake Ontario and I took off my sneakers and strolled barefoot along the beach.   We ended up walking 9.5 miles.  This time it wasn’t because I had to burn calories, it was because I was enjoying being outside in the fresh air.  It was a wonderful day.

What hurt my mood?  Well, I got my annual survey from the National Weight Control Registry.  There are simply there to ask questions to document what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weight loss.  But having to admit that I’ve gained so much weight and when they asked “Why have you gained weight over the past year?” – it wasn’t a question in my mind – it was an ACCUSATION.

I felt demoralized and humiliated taking this simple survey. 

So it’s a mixed bag for me this weekend.  I can’t say that I’ve been completely on track eating wise.  But I am finding that concentrating on being positive and in the moment has helped. 

The question is how long can I keep this up and will it begin to show positive results?


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  1. Hi Jen.... this is exactly the reason I gave up my Garmin.....not being in the moment. I was too focused on the time, the distance, the speed and don't forget the calories! I was so busy constantly looking down at "my numbers" while on my run that it was becoming too stressful and that's when the mind games set in. Once I ditched my Garmin GPS watch and just simply ran, I felt more free and in the moment. Happy trails!
    Lisa :)