Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Keep it rolling…

Since coming back from vacation, I have a bit of momentum. I’ve been eating really well, exercising and have been having some success with pushing negative thoughts back.

Now the question is how to maintain this.

I’ve been running for a while now and it never ceases that the absolutely HARDEST part for me is changing and getting my ample ass out the door.

Yesterday was no exception. Fat Jen was trying to make excuses why I didn’t need to run at lunch and I started to feel sorry for myself knowing that I wasn’t motivated to go out and run, but that I would feel guilty if I didn’t. And I forced myself - through no small effort to change my thinking.

I told myself that for a fall day in North NY it was beautiful! The sun was out, it was 60 degrees - what a wonderful day to be able to go outside! And so I ran and felt great afterwards.

Last night Garmin posted that they have a new sweepstakes and encouraged people to enter with a picture of what motivates them. I posted this picture

and said that I was motivated to never fit into those pants again!

And I FORCED myself to look at this pic and recognize that even though I am not happy with my weight right now, I am no longer the girl who fits into those jeans!
I wish that being positive came naturally to me. It just doesn’t. But I’m going to try to hold on to the different frame of mind I am in. I am hoping that being positive like anything else is like a muscle - if you use it enough it gets easier.

I feel less bloated, less stressed and have less of a compulsion to stuff my face - it can’t be a coincidence!!

Time to flex people!!

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  1. This post speaks to me, Jen. Sounds like you are dusting out the cobwebs upstairs that have been getting in your way. I think fear gets in our way for many reasons. Some days we got it, and some days we don't. It's definitely mind over matter.