Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yet another 10K!

You guys are sick of hearing about my running right?

I ran another 10K this morning.  My alarm went off 10 minutes earlier then when I get up for work fer Pete's Sake!  I used to sleep in on Saturdays until at least 10AM.  Where is that woman??

This race was to benefit neurofibromatosis research.  You probably have never heard of that disease by name, but you do know it.  It's what John Merrick, also known as "The Elephant Man" likely had.  

I ran this race last year as well - it was BLISTERING hot last year.  I remember people stopped at water stops just looking like they were dying.  Today was very different.  It was sunny and very windy - once again, this run was along the water in Pillar Point.  But it was COOL.  Only about 65 degrees when we started running.  

Perfect running for some, but too cool for me!

So, how did I do?  I REALLY pushed myself HARD this race - I so wanted to come in first again.  So my time - for me - was killer - 46:49.  BUT I could not catch the girl in front of me and so I placed 2nd for females.  Damn it!

In looking at the results, the girl who beat me is 21 - a full 20 years younger then me, so I guess I shouldn't feel too awful bad - and in a field of over 70, I did place 5th overall...

My Achilles felt really good during the race, but I imagine I will pay for it tomorrow for pushing so hard. 

  Here I am with my medal!

I won a sweatshirt for coming in second!

So I have a month now before my next race - another 1/2 marathon.  Hopefully my tendonitis will be healed by then!

To learn more about neurofibromatosis or to donate, please go to

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