Sunday, August 18, 2013

How about some updates?

So, I thought I would give you some updates today!  I ate some salt laden bagel chips with dinner last night and found my weight up today.  I am trying really hard to not let this effect me the way it used to, but we went to the beach yesterday and Marc took a couple pics and I totally picked apart the parts of my body that I just HATE.  I did like this picture Marc took of me with the dogs, but there is still so much about me that I wish I could change!!

After taking Friday off of running I was still unsure how my Achilles would be today.  So I headed out for my run and there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that the opposite knee was COMPLETELY fine - PHEW!  The bad?  The Achilles was talking the whole run.  Not PAIN, but a dull aching.  I still managed to pull out 15 miles and was pretty happy about this!  I am confident now that I might have to rest, but will be able to run my 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks.  

After getting back from running, I iced while eating lunch and it wasn't bothering my too bad, but, later, after an hour and a half of being on it weeding and harvesting some veggies, there was definite pain - so I bit the bullet and took some Ibuprofen and got off of it and relaxed.

Ok, the second update is on the chickens.  Did I post here about getting a new rooster?  Well we did.  Instead of a Bantam (small) breed, we ended up getting a young Jersey Giant.  We have never had this breed either rooster or chicken, but they are very large.  We have not had any predator problems (KNOCK ON WOOD) since the foxes were relocated, but I am hoping a larger rooster might be more intimidating to any potential predator.  

He is just learning to crow, but clearly takes his job as protector quite seriously.  He even tried to chase Archer the other day.  That was pretty funny.  He is a nice looking boy, though!  And this breed is known to be friendly so theoretically we won't have to worry about him getting aggressive with us or anyone else, including our young nieces and nephews - especially since we will be relying on people to "chicken sit" when we go on vacation!

 Since he is a "Jersey Giant" we have taken to calling him Tony Soprano!

Here he is with one of our hens - a Brahma which is also a large breed.

Finally, I wanted to update you on Chakotay.  We have continued to work diligently on his weight issues.  It is so hard for me to call him away when he is eating.  :(  He just can't understand.  Even though I know it is best for him, it still sucks.

BUT, his original measurements on May 28th were 36" in his chest and 28" on his waist.  I measured him today and his chest was 34" and his waist was 24"!!  I think a 2 and 4 inch loss in less then 3 months is pretty impressive!!

And we have noticed and comment all the time how much more energy he has and how the heat bothers him less then it used to.  He has a very short nose, so the heat is always going to bother him more then some dogs, but he is doing much better on long walks and just in general in the hot weather.  He now chases Archer around the yard and yesterday we were amazed  at his stamina and playfulness in the water!!

The boys played for HOURS in the water - jumping into the water and retrieving their frisbee and other water toys!

I took a pic today - to me the difference is definitely noticeable.  This is going to be a continual battle, but, just like with me, I'm going to have to work at it with him!


  1. Love the updates all good except the Achilles but keep nursing it!! No quick movements think about seeing a sports physical therapy..its tuff to find some one that gets IT also a good massage person that does the deep tissue massage hurts like hell wile they do it but mine does wonders.She cheap but I am POOR! Gayle

    1. I have never in my life had a massage....maybe I should think about one!!