Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just enjoy the ride!

That's what I'm telling myself today!  I continue to feel so awesome.  But then there's the part of me - which I know I get from my mother (Thanks Mom!) that is the pessimist.  That part of me says that I can't continue to ride high without an inevitable crash!

After going to the work related get together and eating way too much, my weight spiked as I knew it would.  But then I hopped on the scale yesterday and it was really low.  So we hosted a family picnic for Marc's father's 95th birthday, and I again ate too much BUT I was successful in stopping before I really pigged out.

And, even better, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time at the party.  It was relaxed and everyone got to sit down and chat and catch up.  
Then, even after being exhausted from the day, I got a second burst of energy.  My mother went down south to visit my Aunt Karla last month and she had sent back some clothes - really nice ones - for me.  (Thanks so much Karla <3 )   I went through my closet to make room for the new clothes and pulled out some that I just know I'm never going to wear and put them in a bag to bring to a friend from work and got the closet all cleaned up.  Where the heck did that energy come from? 

Still I was worried about running this morning, because usually my body is not enthused about a long run after eating way too much.  AND I was on my feet all day and I am still nursing my Achilles tendinitis which is better but not great.

I was a bit timid starting my run.  I have the half marathon coming up and really wanted to hit 13 miles today, but was unsure what my body would think about that plan.  It ended up I felt GREAT!  I was listening to a Stephen King audio book and both my body and mind felt great.  It was windy, but otherwise perfect running weather - around 70 degrees and low humidity.  I easily ran 14 miles and could have kept going, but decided not to push it.

After lunch Marc and I even laid in the hammock for a while.  Yes, I could have been doing something more productive, but there is value in rest, right?

I am telling myself that this IS possible.  I can be someone who maintains their weight loss and feels good and in control of their lives.  So I am challenging myself to just enjoy this ride and to stop myself from thinking that the other shoe is about to drop!!!

I have a wish for everyone out there who is reading this.  I WISH that everyone out there could feel as good as I have for the last couple of weeks.  That feeling can be achieved!!  I hope you are striving for it and believing!


  1. I too was born to a pessimist HARD to kick but maybe a good thing too?!?! I too am riding the wave and trying to stay up on it and lovin it!

  2. I hate to nitpick, but I don't believe that I am a pessimist but rather a realist. If I was indeed a pessimist I would be thinking to myself that you will never keep the weight off. Realistically, I am sure that you will maintain a healthy weight because you worked WAY too hard to lose what would have been insurmountable to most people without medical intervention in the first place. I love you anyway even if you do think that you inherited pessimism from me.

    1. Oh come on and own your pessimism, Mom!! I would have rather gotten your blue eyes, but all in all it could have been worse ;))

      I appreciate your faith in me even when I don't have it in myself!

      Your daughter

  3. Nice

    I have maintained a 85 pound weight loss for a whopping month after taking a year and a half to lose it.

    I fear relapse and am unsure about my diet and activity... I can't decide if I should lose more or stay where I'm at. BUT I am trying to enjoy my life and my body. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the moment. It is a good moment.

    1. CONGRATS on your weight loss! Deciding where to stop and how to maintain is definitely the most challenging part of this journey IMO!!