Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying something new....

It's easy during this journey to get stuck in a rut - eating the same foods, doing the same thing day after day - no wonder we get bored and lose motivation.  I run the same route all the time and I often think that I need to change it up!  I haven't yet, but it might make getting out there a little more fun.

I have, though, during this journey, tried new foods that I had never eaten before.  Things like quinoa, barley, eggplant, tomatoes, oatmeal, okra, spinach, scallops, sweet potatoes, kale, lettuce OTHER then iceburg, yogurt - some of these I had never HEARD of let alone eaten!  Or I'd tried them once years ago, decided I didn't like them and never tried them again.   Now these healthy foods are a staple in my diet!  

It is much better for me then eating ground beef and white potatoes and corn for dinner 3 nights per week like I did in my past!!  Not only is it healthier, but learning about varied foods has allowed me to lose weight without eating salads every day (although I do love my salads!) and getting bored and antsy.

Yesterday I tried something new the exercise department!  My boss had a summer party for everyone at work.  Marc and I got there early and decided to try kayaking on the small lake that he lives on.  What a frigging blast it was!  

I found that I took to it like I had been kayaking for years!  That's one thing about being fit - when it comes to new activities, I find them much easier!  There is a short learning curve!

What great fun as well as a great upper body workout!  I have never thought that I would be interested in kayaking but wow! this totally sold me!  

Marc got out there, too, although he is not as comfortable on the water since he can't swim, so he wasn't quite as adventurous as I was.  But these things are really stable and with a life jacket he felt pretty comfortable,  Now my task is to convince him that the dogs can be trained to sit calmly in the boat and - if I can sell him on that and get the boys to comply - we might have a new hobby!! 

Either way, my point is this - you never know where this journey is going to take you.  Don't limit yourself!  Keep an open mind, be adventurous!  Live life on the edge!  Climb a mountain, travel to a foreign country,  try something you never thought you would.  PUSH YOUR BOUNDARIES.  It's great for body, mind and spirit!!  And, as of today today, it's become a new goal for me!

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