Friday, August 9, 2013

Product review: Yoplait Greek Yogurt Bars

I recently got a coupon for Yoplait Greek Yogurt bars and decided to give them a shot.  They currently come in 2 different flavors - Honey Caramel and Raspberry.  I bought mine at Walmart and they were $3.98 for 6 bars.

I first tried the honey caramel.  Opening it up it is a fairly large bar - you can see the honey and caramel swirls thoughout the bar.

Now for the tasting - OH YUM!!!  The frozen yogurt is thick and creamy with a deliciously sweet taste.  The yogurt is nice and thick and has a compareable texture to ice cream.  Getting into the honey and caramel I found a nice mixture of both flavors which you could clearly taste both.  They were tantalizingly sweet and delicious.

The yogurt holds up well and didn't melt too fast even though when I first tried it, it was an extremely hot evening.

Next I tried the raspberry:

The same smooth creamy yogurt was present in this one.  However, I didn't like the raspberry flavor itself very well at all.  Getting down into the raspberry, I found that rather then a nice sweet berry taste, it almost had a bitter flavor.  I wonder if people that don't like really sweet things would like this?  But I was not a fan.

My one complaint with both of these bars is where to top swirl is, the bar has broken off in a LARGE CHUNK every time I've eaten it.  For me, I like to slowly eat and savor a treat like this, so I don't want a huge piece breaking off while I'm eating it.

See the thick top swirl?  That breaks off and you are left with a mouth full of the whole top section.

Overall, though, I gotta say that as someone who LOVES ice cream but has given it up, this is a wonderful substitute.  I can't believe that they can pack all this goodness into only 90 calories for the honey caramel and 80 for the raspberry!

These yogurt bars have little fat, not much sodium, a good shot of protein, and healthy ingredients.  I highly recommend the honey caramel and I'm really hopeful that Yoplait will come out with some new flavors!


  1. I went to the website to see how big the bars are (only 2 oz?). It looks like they also have peach and strawberry/banana.

    I eat Greek yogurt every night before bed, because I have a finicky stomach. These look great, but I'm afraid 2 oz. isn't enough to carry me all night. Rats. Maybe I'll buy some just because!

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Just to clarify, the peach and strawberry banana are their "regular" yogurt bard NOT the greek ones.

      I also eat greek yogurt before bed, and even though 2 ounces doesn't sound like a lot, I find them completely satiating.


  2. I wonder how these compare to Trader Joes Frozen Greek Yogurt. TJ's is about 4 ounces for about 100 calories. The vanilla has a great taste and a bit of a lemon note.

    1. We don't have a Trader Joe's any where around here so I have never seen one.

      Are they Greek yogurt or regular?